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Bristol City Council Bristol City Council touches the daily lives of practically all those who live in, work in or visit the city. Everyone who goes to a school, uses social services, travels on the roads, visits the local library, park or leisure centre, lives in a council house, uses the refuse collection service or has an interest in the development of their property or neighbourhood has a link with the council.
General Enquiries - Switchboard 0117 922 2000
Emergency out-of-hours number 0117 922 2050
Minicom - general enquiries 0117 922 3844
Refuse collection 0117 922 3838
Council Tax Enquiries 0117 925 0981
Education and Lifelong Learning 0117 903 7961
Neighbourhood and Housing Services 0117 922 2000
Environment, Transport and Leisure 0117 922 3719
Social Services and Health Adults 0117 903 6684
Social Services and Health Children 0117 903 1700
e Government We are using the Internet to improve communication with the local and global community. With over 50 Internet public access points around the city and our award winning web site, Digital TV is the next step, providing access to thousands of pages of information. Watch out for more exciting services soon.
Local Democracy The city council is the elected government of Bristol. It has one overall purpose: to improve Bristol and the lives of all its people, now and for future generations. The city council runs a very wide range of public services. It is the only democratically elected body working for all the people of Bristol, and it is the city's principal advocate in the region, the UK and Europe. Increasingly, the council achieves its goals by working in partnership with others, including Bristol Chamber of Commerce and Initiative and local action groups.